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I really like shooting these Bees.!

Holy MACRO..! Lens Baby Control FREAK shots and Mini Review

Hello again, I wanted to share some photographs I have taken using a very unique lens called the Control Freak by Lens Baby. I have this lens in a Canon EF mount for my 5Dmark2. If you have never seen one, they look quite odd.!

my lens Baby Control Freak

my lens Baby Control Freak with macro filters screwed on and aperture disc storage to the right

This is unlike any other lens I own and wanted to try out something different. I have never used any Continue reading


Searching for the Pan-STARRS COMET

I had never heard of this Comet till I was on a phone call with my dad in early February. I am a fan of just about anything space related, so I was happy to hear of such an event coming up that should be visible in my location of the world. Living in a big city area , near Los Angeles, makes it a bit hard to do much night sky observations, so I decided I would try driving up the PCH into northern Malibu where I have gone before to photograph stars before. I wasn’t sure if that would be a good Continue reading