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Perseid Meteor shower: My lone Meteorite Capture

You may have heard of the meteor shower that goes by the name of Perseid. I know it is an annual event and that it is caused by the earth passing through the remnant trails of a comet named “Swift-Tuttle Comet”. That is all I know, and I even had to google to find the name of the comet. Anyways, here is a cut and paste of some more info on the phenomena: Continue reading


My 3 day 800 mile California SummerTime Road Trip…

Summer time is awesome in California.! That single sentence is pretty much
the only thing you need to hear for an accurate summary of what it’s like
in this state for the summer months. So what better way to get out and enjoy
the California summer climate than taking a road trip up the PCH( Pacific Coast Highway).

The Plan: Continue reading