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RED ROCK CANYON MB TRAIL: Santa Monica Mountains

Trail Length: 2.2 miles for what I mapped out

Essential Gear for Riding!

Hi everyone. I just recently went to a trail I had never heard of before located just a short drive up the PCH. I have lived in Santa Monica over 10 years now and never knew this awesome trail existed.?! I only explored a small portion of this park due to the heat, but definitely think it is worth going back to visit. Bring $5 to pay for parking and have a blast. It would be a great place to go for a hike too. There were some picnic tables scattered around as well so you can bring lunch and enjoy a place to sit while you eat. Below is a Google Map with pictures of the trail I did on my mountain bike. This is about 2.2 miles round trip.


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And here is a video I put together of the entire ride. It of course is sped up in many sections and even goes into a timelapse style for sections to get the hour and a half ride down to about 9 minutes.

Red Rock Canyon Santa Monica from eric ebling on Vimeo.

You can skip to time 4:50 if you want to just see the downhill part. In the video I rode a little farther up the trail once I got  done with the downhill and back to the main trail. You could go for miles up that trail if you want and I plan on checking that out next time I go.

Essential Gear for So Cal Sun and Heat!