Kanan Dume Trail

Kanan Dume Trail: one of my Favorites.! Trail Length: about 6.2 miles

This is a local trail about 45 minutes north of me up the PCH in southern California. I love this trail and go back to this one often. I recorded this entire ride on my new GoPro 3 Black edition( my quick thoughts about it here ). The entire trail with a few rest breaks took me an hour and 10 minutes. I edited the video down to 20 minutes by speeding up many sections and am going to try getting that online asap.! Unfortunately the file is still over 500 megs so I am trying to compress it even more without losing too much quality. I also did a frame grab every second of footage and made that into a sort of Time lapse looking video. You can check that out here if ya like on Vimeo or just scroll down to see the embedded video.

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Usually this trail has no one on it. Of course though the first day I ever go out with a camera on my bike the trail was the busiest I have ever seen it. The entire parking lot was full with almost 20 cars at the trail head.! Luckily the trail goes off in a few directions and I only ran into a total of 8 to 10 people on the entire ride. This was also on a Sunday afternoon with good weather so I was not surprised it was busy.

Kanan Dume mountain bike trail from eric ebling on Vimeo.

I think anyone would like this trail, even if you are just on foot. It has a pretty even mix of uphill and downhill and changes frequently so you get a good workout and short stretches of DownHill reward. It is not too technical in any places so even if you are new to trail riding, it shouldn’t be to tuff on ya. 😉

This is one of the first trails I visited when I started getting back into mountain biking about a year ago. I will admit, the first time there I did not make it to the end.! I had to turn around because I wasn’t sure how much farther the trail went and was getting pretty drained. Some of the difficulty was just because the bike I was using. I took my Gt transeo 2.0 out and that is more of a street/trail hybrid bike. Thin tires that slipped out on a number of sections, small front suspension, and a hard tail. The gearing wasn’t great either for climbing. I Purchased a new bike though back in September, a Gt Force 2.0 and I LOVE this bike. Much more of a true mountain bike and when I revisited Kanan Dume with the new ride, It was much easier to get to the end of the trail.!


If you have the ability to go to this great trail during the week you will most likely not run into a single other person.!

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