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Malibu Creek State Park MB Trail

Trail Length: 7.22 miles

Here is another trail that I really like to do and that is fairly close to the Santa Monica area. The drive up the PCH and past the Pepperdine campus is beautiful. There are a lot of trail options within Malibu Creek State Park, and the map below is a fun, fairly easy ride to do. The park fee is $12 to park for day use. The mapped out trail below is fairly easy with only a few areas of uphill biking. There is a stretch of pretty rocky trail after the bridge crossing and before the M.A.S.H vehicles, but it is quite fun and lets you test out your agility and bike handling skills.

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Here is a video of the entire ride. Very sped up in sections to try showing the entire trail. I may end up re editing some of my videos so that they are easier on the eyes. I love the idea of being able to see an entire trail so you can know if it is worth the time before riding, but it is impossible to make it an enjoyable video to watch…


malibuCreekStatePark from eric ebling on Vimeo.

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