Some green grasses throughout the trail



Trail Length: About 5.5 miles

I did this trail yesterday(3/7/2014) and really enjoyed it. There are not really any hard sections. Nothing to steep and a good amount of tree coverage throughout most of the trail. I hiked down Canyon trail till I got to the old camping area and then took the waterfall trail to the right. This “waterfall” is not too impressive. I want to get that out right now.


nothing spectacular

nothing spectacular
























But the hike itself is a lot of fun and climbing up above the first waterfall will lead to a second waterfall, again not a very impressive one but still a great trail with very nice surroundings.

the second waterfall

the second waterfall

























It’s not too far out of the Santa Monica area where I usually hike. Maybe 40 minutes driving. You can also ride mountain bikes here, however I did this one on foot. There seem to be a number of trails all branching off from the nature center so there is a lot to explore. I saw a long snake, about 3+ feet stretched across the trail not more than 5 minutes into the hike, which was cool because he wasn’t a poisonous one.!



Essential Gear for the trail!


losPinetos-2700There is even a water fountain once you get 2 miles down the trail at the camping area.









I personally did not drink from it and wouldn’t unless I ran out of my own water in my Osprey Syncro 10 Hydration Pack

It is also FREE to park at the nature center and they have nice bathrooms if you need one. A feature many trails do not have.! Below you will see a bunch of photos from along the trail. The trail is dog friendly, about 5.5 miles round trip if you hike to the tree tire rope swing, and there is a natural white oil seep along the way with an informative sign of the history. Something again you wont see on any other trails that I know of.


losPinetos-2875 losPinetos-2871 losPinetos-2863 losPinetos-2860


I always have a few of these in my pack

losPinetos-2857 losPinetos-2856 losPinetos-2849 losPinetos-2844 losPinetos-2841 losPinetos-2803 losPinetos-2800 losPinetos-2797 losPinetos-2795 losPinetos-2792 losPinetos-2788 losPinetos-2780 losPinetos-2775 losPinetos-2770 losPinetos-2767 losPinetos-2765 losPinetos-2764 losPinetos-2756 losPinetos-2744 losPinetos-2737 losPinetos-2735 losPinetos-2730 losPinetos-2728 losPinetos-2726 losPinetos-2721 losPinetos-2711 losPinetos-2703 losPinetos-2695 losPinetos-2694 losPinetos-2685 losPinetos-2682

I don’t have a map setup for this one, but here is the address. A quick Google search and you will know exactly how to get there

Placerita Canyon State Park
19152 Placerita Canyon Rd
Los Angeles, CA 91321

Basically if you are in LA, take the 405 north to the 5 to the 14 and get off on Placerita Canyon road and then you wont miss the park entrance on the right hand side. Oh and I think the place closes down at 5pm so get there with a few hours time at least to explore.!

Essential Gear for the trail!