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BOOK REVIEW: Chariots of the gods. by Erich von Daniken

So if you are a fan of the show Ancient Aliens on the history channel, you will have no doubt heard this book mentioned before. Regardless of your views and beliefs, the show does take you to some very interesting, far off exotic places. I Sometimes have to laugh at some of the “experts” they have on the show, with their very, um, unique ideas, but it still is interesting and entertaining to me.

This book was very interesting, especially since it was written back in the late 60’s. It is a book that will make you think about things a little differently than you may have in the past. This by no means is a book based in factual science, but raises many MANY questions about possibilities. I even learned of some mysterious artifacts of antiquity that I never had heard of before reading this book. I wouldn’t take it too seriously, it’s more of a science fiction story of ideas of one man based on real life artifacts of the past. Take it for what it is, an interesting, unique take on trying to explain some of the unexplained mysteries of the world and you will most likely enjoy it. The book is only around 166 pages if I remember correctly. I bought the nook book version form Barnes and Nobles and then found it on amazon for a few bucks cheaper.


It’s only like 6 bucks for the eBook version. If you watch and enjoy Ancient Aliens at all, then you will like the book. It was a bit funny as I read it I could hear the author’s heavy accent( from Switzerland I think ) in my head from memory of listening to the show.