About Me

Hello everybody. I hope you get some enjoyment and knowledge from looking at my blog.

My general Interests are Mountain Biking, Photography, and Travelling. If any of these activities are a part of your life then I hope you enjoy what you see.

I didn’t even know really what a “BLOG” was up till about a week ago.?! And now I guess I’m a Blogger…

My goal is to share with anyone who’s watching, images and video of trails all around southern California with some inside info so you can check them out for yourself if interested, photography and stories from travels I have taken all over the world, and some reviews of any gear I actually purchase and or use personally in any of my adventures, from camera gear to day packs.

My day job is in Post production, creating 3D FX for Movies and Commercials. This type of job keeps you indoors for hours on end so any chance I get I try jumping in my car and getting out on a trail or a road trip to somewhere far away from my workstation.

I hope anyone will leave feedback and comments about trails and or gear if you have been to them or used the items. Post some links to images too if you have been to some of the places I write about. I’d love to see these locations from another persons point of view.!

Ps. Bonus points if you can figure out the song my domain name comes from. They are lyrics. Hint Hint 😉

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