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Trail: Malibu Springs to Nicholas Flat

Trail Length : 6.7 Miles

Completion Time : 3.5 hours ( with many stops for photography)

Hiked on : 3/20/2014

I did this trail last week and wanted to share it with everyone. This Hike probably had the most elevation change I have ever doneĀ  in the Santa Monica Mountains. Roughly 3800 feet +/- over the first 2 and last 2 miles. I decided to bring my dslr camera gear on this hike and that was a bit of a Continue reading


Trail: Escondido Falls: Malibu

This is a nice trail that is not too far out of the La/Santa Monica area. A nice drive up the PCH will get you to the parking area for this trail. If you go very soon, you will be lucky enough to see some water actually at this waterfall due to the heavy rains we had a few weeks ago. The first time I did Continue reading

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BOOK REVIEW: Chariots of the gods. by Erich von Daniken

So if you are a fan of the show Ancient Aliens on the history channel, you will have no doubt heard this book mentioned before. Regardless of your views and beliefs, the show does take you to some very interesting, far off exotic places. I Sometimes have to laugh at some of the “experts” they have on the show, with their very, um, unique ideas, but it still is interesting and entertaining to me. Continue reading


Kanan Dume Trail

Kanan Dume Trail: one of my Favorites.! Trail Length: about 6.2 miles

This is a local trail about 45 minutes north of me up the PCH in southern California. I love this trail and go back to this one often. I recorded this entire ride on my new GoPro 3 Black edition( my quick thoughts about it here ). The entire trail with a few rest breaks took me an hour and 10 Continue reading

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Malibu Creek State Park MB Trail

Trail Length: 7.22 miles

Here is another trail that I really like to do and that is fairly close to the Santa Monica area. The drive up the PCH and past the Pepperdine campus is beautiful. There are a lot of trail options within Malibu Creek State Park, and the map below is a fun, fairly easy ride to do. The park fee is $12 to park for day use. The mapped out trail below is fairly easy with only a few areas of uphill biking. There is a stretch of pretty rocky trail after the bridge crossing and Continue reading