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Trail: Malibu Springs to Nicholas Flat

Trail Length : 6.7 Miles

Completion Time : 3.5 hours ( with many stops for photography)

Hiked on : 3/20/2014

I did this trail last week and wanted to share it with everyone. This Hike probably had the most elevation change I have ever done  in the Santa Monica Mountains. Roughly 3800 feet +/- over the first 2 and last 2 miles. I decided to bring my dslr camera gear on this hike and that was a bit of a Continue reading


Perseid Meteor shower: My lone Meteorite Capture

You may have heard of the meteor shower that goes by the name of Perseid. I know it is an annual event and that it is caused by the earth passing through the remnant trails of a comet named “Swift-Tuttle Comet”. That is all I know, and I even had to google to find the name of the comet. Anyways, here is a cut and paste of some more info on the phenomena: Continue reading

I really like shooting these Bees.!

Holy MACRO..! Lens Baby Control FREAK shots and Mini Review

Hello again, I wanted to share some photographs I have taken using a very unique lens called the Control Freak by Lens Baby. I have this lens in a Canon EF mount for my 5Dmark2. If you have never seen one, they look quite odd.!

my lens Baby Control Freak

my lens Baby Control Freak with macro filters screwed on and aperture disc storage to the right

This is unlike any other lens I own and wanted to try out something different. I have never used any Continue reading