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Perseid Meteor shower: My lone Meteorite Capture

You may have heard of the meteor shower that goes by the name of Perseid. I know it is an annual event and that it is caused by the earth passing through the remnant trails of a comet named “Swift-Tuttle Comet”. That is all I know, and I even had to google to find the name of the comet. Anyways, here is a cut and paste of some more info on the phenomena: Continue reading


Searching for the Pan-STARRS COMET

I had never heard of this Comet till I was on a phone call with my dad in early¬†February. I am a fan of just about anything space related, so I was happy to hear of such an event coming up that should be visible in my location of the world.¬†Living in a big city area , near Los Angeles, makes it a bit hard to do much night sky observations, so I decided I would try driving up the PCH into northern Malibu where I have gone before to photograph stars before. I wasn’t sure if that would be a good Continue reading