Below are links to my favorite trails around southern California. Most trails will have a Google Map made for it by me that shows where to park to get to each trail head, along with some basic information about the trail like distance and parking fees. Some will have GoPro videos of the whole trail as well so you can see the trail before you go to decide if it is a trail for you.

Kanan Dume Trail                         Up in Malibu                 HERE

Malibu Creek State Park              A lot of options            HERE

Red Rock Canyon State Park     Fun fast Downhill         HERE

Will Rogers State Park               Short Trail version         HERE

Los Pinetos Waterfall           Hike/Bike/Dog friendly       HERE

Escondido Falls                Tallest waterfall in Malibu       HERE

Malibu Springs to Nicholas Flat                                     HERE

Great Gear for the trails!

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